iPage Reviews 2014 – How do they compare to the rest?

iPage Review

If you’re looking for an easy website building platform, iPage is a great option to consider, as it features everything you need to build both a desktop website and a mobile-friendly site, in addition to hosting and even a domain name.

I’ve found that many sites, such as GoDaddy are great for intermediate and advanced users, but for someone who is less experienced, setting up a website can quite difficult because you need to purchase each service or feature separately. And if you do run into troubles, getting the help you need to actually build your site can be a rather challenging and time-consuming project.

But I’ve found that iPage is different.

So in my iPage reviews summary, we’ll explore how this site offers a one-stop-shop that’s perfect for anyone who needs to build a website with ease.

iPage has Everything in One Place

One of the major benefits of iPage is the one-stop-shop nature of their offerings. While their offerings are primarily targeted to small businesses and e-commerce shops, even a blogger or hobbyist website developer will enjoy iPage.

The Essential Plan has everything you need to get started, including a domain name, hosting, tools to build an e-commerce interface, a blogging and content management system, site building tools, domain-based email integration, and a website malware and virus scanner.

More advanced users will enjoy the script library and the capability to edit your site’s HTML.

You can also upgrade to a virtual private server or dedicated hosting plan. These are ideal for sites that grow to a point where they require lots of data storage and a host that can support high traffic volume.

In addition, iPage does accommodate site transfers, making it simple to move your existing site to the iPage interface.


Lots of CMS and Website Builder Solutions

One of the major advantages of iPage is the variety of website platforms and content management systems that they offer. There’s something for everyone, from the beginner who prefers a simple point and click website builder to more advanced options for crafting a custom, one-of-a-kind website platform.

With iPage, you can opt for a start-from-scratch website builder such as Dreamweaver or Expressions, or use a content management system like WordPress. More advanced users can even custom tailor their site’s HTML.

Support and Help is Readily Available

One of the major things that prompted me to write this iPage reviews summary blog was this site’s commitment to providing support in a timely manner.

They offer support 24 hours a day and on average, they answer their phones within two minutes (a far cry from other sites, like GoDaddy and Hostgator, where it can take you two minutes just to find the menu option that allows you to ask for a real human!)

There are also lots of video tutorials available on-site; something that’s great for more visual learners who struggle with written instructions which are standard elsewhere.

Free Marketing Gifts

A big standout feature on iPage is just how much support and freebies they give you to get exposure to your site. To start you off they give you Google adwords vouchers, Facebook vouchers, Bing vouchers and a bunch of others that you can use for FREE advertising. As a business starting out this is invaluable as you are virtually being given nearly $500 advertising budget to use if you choose to do so.


An iPage Review of Pricing

iPage pricing is fairly competitive. Site wide, they boast a rate of $1.89 per month for The Essential Plan for the first term. It’s implied that the $1.89/mo price is introductory, but it took a bit of searching to find the actual monthly rate.

The precise rate depends on how long you commit to stay with iPage. Monthly, it’s $9.49 or $113.88 per year. The pricing is very similar to what you would expect to pay with other web hosting companies – the biggest difference is that iPage do not overcrowd their servers with thousands of other websites hence the performance for your site is terrific.

In all, iPage is a great interface for a small business that needs to set up a new website with ease. You’ll enjoy everything you need in one place, with lots of options and features that will enable you to get on the web with ease!

Final thoughts on iPage

If you are a looking for a web hosting company that provides rock solid customer service and reliability with value for money, then iPage will be right for you.

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