BigCommerce vs Shopify Review 2017 – Who wins?

Bigcommerce vs Shopify

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and kick off an exciting new idea? Or perhaps it has been a long time coming. Whatever it is, good for you! I am sure it’s difficult to decide who should host your store.

Choosing the right e-commerce shopping cart solution can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Trust me, I’ve made many mistakes!

My brother and I regularly debate on who we think is more superior when it comes to BigCommerce vs Shopify.

In this short review I’m going to focus on both platforms as we have used both in the family to host our online stores. Let the battle begin!


BigCommerce vs Shopify – Who’s been established longer?

Shopify was founded in 2004 and is now serving over 275,000 online stores processing over $17 billion dollars in sales. They have regularly won awards for excellence and have been featured in numerous publications and voted as one of the Most innovative Companies.

Bigcommerce was founded in 2009 in Sydney Australia and has processed over $7 billion dollars in sales already. The company has over 370 staff and has been voted as top places to work.


WINNER: Shopify. It was a close one! Both have excellent credibility but one was first to market.


The interface

Both Shopify and Bigcommerce provide an online dashboard that lets you build your online store. This means that you don’t need any additional software. You do it all from your browser. Both companies have a beautiful interface that’s easy enough to use. The layout has a ‘paint by numbers’ feel so you are guided step by step to everything you need to do to get your store set up rapidly. And I seriously mean rapidly! The entire process is point and click; you don’t need any programming knowledge. I was able to set up a store very quickly with BigCommerce and my brother was able to do the same with Shopify. Yes okay, here is a shameless plug of another little family side venture happening right now.


WINNER: IT’S A TIE. Both interfaces are very user friendly and easy to use.


Features and Pricing

Seriously… I could spend the next hour talking about all the different features available with Bigcommerce and Shopify. I’ve provided the links below so that you can check this out yourself. It’s in a much better format than I can place in this blog anyway 🙂 Now, in regards to pricing both have similar pricing. The difference is that BigCommerce plans are now dependent on how much annual turnover you have. For example, On the $29 plan at Bigcommerce you can’t make over $50,000 in sales a year otherwise you need to upgrade to a larger plan.



WINNER: SHOPIFY. No cap on sales for the cheaper plans.


Customer Support

This is a really important one. After trying to host my own website and shopping cart solution I quicker realised what a disaster that was. With so many companies outsourcing their customer service it can be frustrating to get answers.

Thankfully having used both I can say confidently that Shopify and BigCommerce both have competent support. Both have 24 hour support. Unfortunately Bigcommerce does not provide live chat or phone support but they are really quick to respond to email ticket support.


WINNER: SHOPIFY. 24/7 support via Live Chat, Phone or Email.



There’s no doubt in my mind that both ecommerce hosting providers excel in this field. Both companies have a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% of the time. As I said earlier in this review we have several online stores in our family and I am yet to hear one of them ever going down. Even when the companies are doing upgrades it seems to be seamless and automatic.

I have noticed that our Shopify store loads much quicker than our Bigcommerce store.


WINNER: SHOPIFY. Loading Speed of my store is amazing!


Final thoughts on the BigCommerce vs Shopify Battle off!

When I started writing this post, I was thinking of doing a seperate BigCommerce review and a seperate Shopify review. I’m actually kinda glad to put both companies in a comparison post.

Both companies certainly have a lot of positives.

But ultimately I am going to declare Shopify as the hands down winner for me. I love the interface, I love their excellent customer service, I love their free design themes and last but not least I love how damn easy it is to use their interface.

I have been using Shopify for many years and they are rock solid in all areas that matter. If reliability, good value for money and ease of use is what you are after, then Shopify is probably the right choice for you.


Still confused?

Update: We have re-evaluted this review in January 2017 and are still most impressed with Shopify.


To activate a free trial offer without even adding your credit card, click on the links below (both will open in a seperate window for your convenience):



BigCommerce vs Shopify Comparison Review 2017
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BigCommerce vs Shopify Comparison Review 2017
BigCommerce and Shopify are both responsible for hosting millions of E-Commerce websites around the world. But which one is right for you? In this Comparison review, we explore both companies side by side in this updated January 2017 review.
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