Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Internet Control

I once worked with a spectacularly narcissistic woman who had written a self-promoting e-book and published it on Amazon. She then proceeded to badger everyone she knew, including me, to buy the thing and give it a five-star review. (I graciously declined).


Her, er, ‘reasoning’ was that her brainchild only needed a certain number of purchases and ratings to make it to the top of the Amazon rankings and make her a captain of industry. (It didn’t).


She Who Shall Not Be Named got me thinking: what if big companies and governments could use psychology to control people over the Internet on a much bigger scale?


It might sound implausible, but it’s already been happening for a while now, and in a way that’s completely undetectable! Continue reading “Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Internet Control” »

How to start a blog – Easy to follow step by step guide

how to start a blog with easy steps guide

In today’s tech-centric world, it seems like virtually everyone has a blog! But if you’re among the minority of individuals who has yet to enter the blogosphere, then the task of setting up a blog can seem like a very intimidating and arduous task. Where do you begin? Well, in this article, we’ll take a step by step look at how to set up a blog, taking you from concept to turning your idea for a brand new blog into a reality. Continue reading “How to start a blog – Easy to follow step by step guide” »