Crafting your very first blog post

crafting your first blog post

So, you’ve decided to start a blog! That’s wonderful! Blogging can be a wonderful hobby, a powerful promotional and marketing tool and even a lucrative earning opportunity if you play your cards correctly! 

When creating your very first blog entry, you’ll need to begin by considering your intentions and goal for the blog. What is the blog’s purpose? What is your niche? Who is your target audience? What tone or voice do you intend to use? These are important questions to consider when crafting your first blog entry, as you should be consistent from day one. Your first blog post should essentially set the tone for all future posts.


Publishing a Blog’s About Page as the First Post

Some bloggers may opt to begin by publishing an ‘about’ page as their first post. This is most common for stand-alone blogs; a bit less common for blogs that serve as an extension of an existing website.

An about post typically includes:
• basic information about the blog and its emphasis;
• information on what led to the establishment of the blog;
• the primary mission or purpose of the blog;
• basic information about the blogger;
• relevant personal or professional experience;
• and any other relevant information or backstory elements.

Many bloggers publish two ‘about’ pages — one for the actual blog and another with information about the blogger or bloggers. If you opt to take this approach, remember to include photos of the bloggers.
Some writers will also include contact information at the end of the about page/post.


The First Blog Post

Blogs have a chronological element, so you generally want to begin with an introductory blog post that serves to provide relevant information about the blog and its writers. If you opt to forego an ‘about’ page, then the first blog post typically includes the elements that you would include on an about page.

If you do have an ‘about’ page, then there’s no need to revisit all of these introductory points; the first actual blog post can be the first of many fabulous write-ups! Ideally, you should begin with a bang, so try to choose a powerful, provocative or evocative topic to discuss.

Ideally, you should end the first post with a bit of a cliff hanger or end it in another way that leaves the reader wanting to learn more.
Think of your first post as your first and only chance to capture the reader; it needs to be fabulous! That first post is setting the tone for your entire blog, so make it a good one! If you are still trying to decide what type of blogger you are, then you should read this.

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