How to start a travel blog

How to start a travel blog

Are you thinking of starting a travel blog?

A travel blog can be a wonderful way to document your travels, share great travel tips with others, while also reviewing your experience at various hotels, restaurants and attractions.

But the task of starting a travel blog can seem rather intimidating, as many are left wondering where to begin.


Step 1 – Pick a name for your travel blog

Select a blog name and coordinating domain name that’s memorable and descriptive. The most effective names convey the fact that it’s a travel blog, while imbuing the site with a bit of personality. For instance, “South African Travel” is bland and not at all memorable, while “Victoria’s Vibrant Vacations” uses alliteration and the author’s name to leave a more memorable impression. It’s important to select a domain name that captures and conveys your travel blog’s personality and emphasis.


Step 2 – Start right now!

Don’t procrastinate. Believe me I know how that feels. If you think about it for too long it just won’t happen. So, make it happen! You will need to purchase your domain name and web hosting to kick things off. I would recommend Bluehost. They keep things nice and simple, they are very cheap, provide a free domain and most importantly allow you to install WordPress, your blogging software, with just 1 click.


Step 3 – Pick a Travel Blog Concept

Now that you have domain and web hosting sorted out, its time to start thinking about the concept. There are many different types of travel blogs, so you’ll need to choose a blogging strategy to provide yourself with a general game plan and focus for your new endeavour.

Some travel blog styles include:
• Photo blogs — As the name implies, photo travel bloggers let their images tell the story, with few — if any — words.
• Review blogs — These travel blogs focus primarily on reviews and ratings for hotels, attractions, airlines, tours and restaurants.
• Niche blogs — Niche travel blogs focus on a particular type of travel, such as family travel, luxury travel or travel within a particular region of the world (e.g. UK travel.)

It’s important to define your travel blog concept before you get started, as you’ll want to craft the content and site design in a manner that appeals to your target audience. But without knowing your approach, it’s difficult to know your audience!


Advice on How to Start a Travel Blog: Keywords and Content Plans

While you don’t need to pack your articles with keywords, it’s good to know what terms people are searching for relevant to your niche. So perform a bit of keyword research and make an effort to include a keyword whenever it makes sense to do so, providing it doesn’t harm readability.

Keyword research can also provide you with lots of insight on what type of information people are seeking as they search for travel-related information on the web.

It’s also wise to write up a content plan with some ideas for articles. This will provide you with a bit of direction.

Remember to maintain a precise focus as you write your blog entries too. In general, most people prefer to read five 400-word articles rather than one 2000- word article. So whenever possible, interlink several shorter articles instead of writing one massive piece.


Develop Your Voice as a Blogger

Developing your voice as a writer is one of the most important elements of successful travel blogging.

While many bloggers choose to take a more impersonal, third-person approach to writing, others opt for a more personal first-person approach. Others still may opt to blend third-person blog entries with more personal first-person writeups. The choice is a personal one, but beware that most blogs with an established readership (readers who revisit the site on a regular basis) are those that utilize first-person writing.

Before you begin writing blog entries, it’s wise to create an “about” page with information on the author(s). Include info about your travels, your motivations for writing and other relevant information that serves to help the reader to get acquainted with you and your personality, while also establishing your credibility and authority on the topic.


Other Tips on How to Start a Travel Blog

The most important part of writing a travel blog is to contribute on a regular basis! This will allow you to maintain a readership, while keeping the site dynamic and fresh — qualities that search engines favor.

Even if you don’t have a photo blog, don’t be afraid to include photos. It’s best to include at least one image per blog post.

This adds a lot of visual appeal, while helping to convey your message more effectively.

Also, don’t forget to tweet or share your posts on Facebook and other social media outlets! This is a great way to connect with other travel lovers.

Once your travel blog is established, you can look forward to lots of benefits and perks, such as complementary travel accommodations, tours and other freebies from service providers who wish to get reviewed.

Plus, there are few things more wonderful than sharing your passion for travel with others who enjoy exploring the world.

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