How to Write a Press Release That Gets Noticed and Published in a Social Media Savvy World!

How to write a press release

Writing a press release is relatively simple and formulaic; but writing a press release that actually gets noticed and published in a social media-centric world is an entirely different feat!

So how do you write a press release that others actually want to read? Let’s explore!

Make Your Press Release Interesting

When writing a press release, many people focus on promotion, promotion, promotion and they give little thought to the press release’s readability or appeal to the reader. This stems from the fact that many don’t realize how press releases are actually utilized.

While press releases can serve as a starting point for a blogger or journalist who wishes to learn more and write a feature story, this isn’t their only purpose.

Many bloggers and news outlets publish press releases as “filler” material – but only if it’s good enough to keep the readers’ attention and to drum up some social media interest!

So don’t drone on and on in a promotional manner. Make the press release interesting by tapping into a news angle, provide some useful information and make it worth reading! Think about your target audience and write in a way that appeals to them. Never write to a void!

Include Factoids and Tweetables in a Press Release

Include lots of factoids, interesting bits of information and other “tweetables” — the type of info that others want to share!

Bloggers and news outlets want to distribute information that will help them garner attention on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. So include lots of fun and interesting tweetables that are easy to share on social media.

Mention Your Twitter Handle and Hashtags in Your PR

Near the end of the article, mention your Twitter handle and hashtags that others can include if they wish to mention your product, brand, event or whatever the topic of your press release may be. This makes it easy to garner more attention and buzz on social media outlets.

Include Your Social Media Accounts in Your Press Release

The standard press release ends with a phone number and a link to a company, brand, organization or product website. But why stop there? Don’t forget to include the URLs for your social media accounts so social media users know where to find you!
Alternatively, you may also opt to include this information as part of your contact information, which is typically included in the footer of the release. (Not to be confused with media contact name and phone number, which is typically included at the very top, right under “For Immediate Release” or release embargo information.)

Tap into a Current Event or a Hot Topic on Social Media

Press releases, by definition, must have some current element that makes them newsworthy and worth mentioning.

Whenever possible, make an effort to connect your press release to some topic or issue that’s hot among bloggers and social media users. This makes it easier to get noticed in connection with a topic that has already captured the public’s interest.

Tweet and Share a Link to Your Press Release

Don’t forget to tweet and share your press release once it’s finished! Social media is an extremely effective way to spread the word, whether it’s the latest Hollywood gossip, a cool new product or an upcoming event. So don’t wait for others to share on social media; take the initiative and do it yourself!

You can also include some of the interesting factoids and tweetables and link those to your press release. In other words, share your press release just as you hope others will do!

The Keys to a Great Press Release

Above all other points, the most important key to writing a great press release is to make it interesting! Be honest with yourself. Would you want to read the press release if you were on the receiving end? If you’re unsure of the answer, then that’s a sign of a problem and you’ll need to take a different, more engaging approach.

And don’t wait for others to do the work for you by sharing your release on social media. Take the initiative and start sharing via social media yourself!

With these tips, you’ll have no problem drumming up lots of attention and buzz for your next press release!

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