How Infographics Can Enrich Your Site and Convey Info With Ease

Are you trying to share information?

Would you like to convey a range of different facts and figures in an interesting and engaging manner?
An infographic is an aesthetically pleasing and effective way to convey information to your website’s visitors.


What are Infographics?

An infographic is a graphic the’s used to convey information using a blend of typography — that is, text in a range of different sizes, fonts and weights — along with graphic elements such as pie charts, graphs, photos, cartoons and other graphics.


The Benefits of Infographics

Infographics convey facts, figures and other information in an aesthetically- pleasing manner that’s far more interesting and eye catching than plain text.

This means that infographics are more engaging than a plain block of text, so readers are more apt to read the information.
The readers are also more likely to absorb the data when it’s depicted in words and graphically. In this way, infographics cater to individuals with a couple different learning styles: those who learn well from plain text and those who learn well from visual depictions like charts and graphs.

Infographics also present information in small, easily-digestible chunks. This makes the info less imposing than a large, solid block of text.

infographics and pen

How Do You Use Infographics?

An infographic is most commonly found on a web page, but they can also be used for other projects, including:
• e-books;
• Powerpoint presentations
• books;
• magazines;
• brochures;
• …and other print materials.

Infographics can be used to convey lots of different types of info, including facts, figures, statistics, sales figures, pie charts, graphs, trivia and beyond.

Infographics can be virtually unlimited in terms of size. While the length is typically limited to the width of the web page; the graphic can be unlimited in terms of height.

This means you can convey lots of information in an engaging manner, without limitation.

The only consideration is loading time, but many newer sites side step this problem by adding site coding that prevents the lower, not-yet-visible portions of the page from loading until you scroll down.

Infographics deliver a broad range of benefits to webmasters and others who are trying to share info in a concise, interesting and easily-digestible way. So next time you’re writing up a bunch of facts and figures, consider an infographic instead!


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