Chocolate delivery by Zchocolat – Unique gifts that define luxury


Finding that perfect unique gift online is always next to impossible. Recently I wanted to get something special for my sister so i decided to find something she would truly love… chocolate of course! There were some local suppliers that specializing in unique chocolate gifts and offered a delivery but I felt they were somewhat generic and didn’t really scream ‘special’.

Eventually I came across what I believe to be one of the most unique websites on the internet. Nothing says ‘love’ like chocolate and at zChocolat, they have a wide selection of decadent chocolate offerings that will speak volumes!

Specializing in the art of crafting unforgettable chocolate gifts, zChocolat is one of the web’s leading sources of gourmet chocolates, enclosed within luxurious finishing options and beautiful wooden keepsake boxes. Continue reading “Chocolate delivery by Zchocolat – Unique gifts that define luxury” »

Have you heard of Roger Sanchez?

Roger Sanchez

So I suppose this blog post is a little out of place. So I have decided to create a separate section simply labelled ‘my blog’ where i might talk about anything on my mind.

Whether I’m having a good old moan about something or sharing stuff that inspires me, this is a ‘free for all’ writing section.

Roger Sanchez is one of my absolute favourite DJ’s on the planet at the moment. I’ve always enjoyed his sound and he seems to be getting better and better.

I love the fact that Sanchez has returned back to his roots and is promoting the underground sound once again.

If you ever get a chance to see this guy perform prepare to be amazed. You would be surprised to hear what lies beneath this ugly EDM sound traveling through America.