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Finding that perfect unique gift online is always next to impossible. Recently I wanted to get something special for my sister so i decided to find something she would truly love… chocolate of course! There were some local suppliers that specializing in unique chocolate gifts and offered a delivery but I felt they were somewhat generic and didn’t really scream ‘special’.

Eventually I came across what I believe to be one of the most unique websites on the internet. Nothing says ‘love’ like chocolate and at zChocolat, they have a wide selection of decadent chocolate offerings that will speak volumes!

Specializing in the art of crafting unforgettable chocolate gifts, zChocolat is one of the web’s leading sources of gourmet chocolates, enclosed within luxurious finishing options and beautiful wooden keepsake boxes.



Give the Gift of Luxury Chocolates With a Keepsake

This isn’t your ordinary box of chocolates! Oh no, zChocolate’s selection is simply incredible, with delectable chocolates crafted by some of the world’s leading chocolatiers. There are few things better than experiencing the velvety smooth texture and rich, chocolate flavor. It’s simply incredible. It’s more than ‘just a box of chocolates; it’s a luxurious and very decadent experience.

Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac, but zChocolate takes it to an entirely new level. Your recipient will be filled with delight when they behold the gorgeous, distinctive packaging. In fact, most would agree that the keepsake mahogany boxes are a wonderful gift alone; the gourmet chocolate could be considered an added bonus.

Let’s explore a few of the wonderful gift options available:

A photo keepsake — Commemorate a special occasion by adding your photo or a romance-themed photo to the lid of zChocolate’s beautiful mahogany keepsake box. It’s certain to give her chills, followed by the warm fuzzy feeling that only love brings.

A mahogany heart — Show her that she has captured your heart by including a sweet carved mahogany heart, which can be affixed to the satin gift pouch.

Diamond engraving — Engrave your box with a special message. zChocolate offers bespoke engraving services, perfect for commemorating a special occasion or simply saying ‘I love you.’ She’ll have butterflies!

Unlock your heart — Does she have the right combination to unlock your heart? Enclose your gift of delicious gourmet chocolates within a beautiful black pouch that’s padlocked with a heart-shaped combination lock. It’s the perfect way to show your love….Just don’t forget the combination!

Sealed with a kiss….and wax — Give the gift of gourmet chocolates, enclosed within beautiful silver and white wrapping paper and topped with a black ribbon, complete with a wax seal, adorned with two hearts. It’s simply perfect for those who love the idea of bygone eras when lovers wrote love letters on parchment, sealing the correspondence with a kiss and a wax seal.

Whatever zChocolate gift option you choose, you’re certain to create an experience, a feeling of decadence, luxury and love.


A Concierge Service to Build Anticipation

What’s more, zChocolate also offers a unique anticipation-building service! That’s right. This unique and very clever offering serves as the perfect way to build anticipation with your recipient, without revealing the precise nature of their gift. Here’s how it works: On the day of your choosing, a member of zChocolate’s concierge team will personally call or email the recipient. They will provide the recipient with a sense of excitement and anticipation without revealing the precise nature of their lovely and luxurious gift. It’s a fun and distinctive way to prepare your recipient for the incredible decadence that awaits!


Needless to say my sister was in awe when she received the gift!

Her exact words were ‘this is one of the most breathtaking gifts’ she had seen. According to my sister even the packaging used to transport the chocolates via air was made in such a way that ensured the freshness of the chocolates was sealed and the temperature was maintained. Trust me guys when I say you will thank me for introducing you to this cool service!


Getting Down to Business…With a Chocolate Gift

Also, If you’re seeking to send the perfect ‘thank you’ gift to an associate, colleague, or special guest, consider one of zChocolate’s business gifts. zChocolate offers one-of-a-kind business gifts, crafted to suit your unique needs and outfitted with gourmet chocolates that are certain to create a very decadent and memorable experience for the recipient. If you’re ready to explore zChocolate’s range of chocolate gifts:


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